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Are You Considering Renting Your Property? 

Is your rental property, house or apartment in the south-west of Sydney NSW, especially Campbelltown, Ingleburn, Liverpool or nearby suburbs?

We would love to help you! 

Because we have been renting local properties for almost a quarter of a century we understand the three biggest concerns for investment property owners are …

  1. Investment property owners, probably just like you, want an agent who can find a great tenant quickly; someone who will begin paying rent immediately and so reduce the time the property is vacant

  2. Investment property owners also want an agent who ensures their tenant looks after their property and maintains (and perhaps increases) the value year after year

  3. And finally, investment property owners want an agent who has a bullet-proof rent collection process to ensure regular payments are made to them each month

Naturally, a great agent will do many more things, day after day, to look after their client’s properties but these three are probably everyone’s top priority.  Is this what you are after?  If so, Prudential will be able to help you.

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When we meet a new client for the first time they always ask, "How much money can I get in rent for my property?"  So, as your real estate agent, our first step is to accurately assess your rental property to determine the maximum rent you might achieve in the current market

Next, we will undertake the letting process by marketing your property to find a first-class tenant. Naturally, your property manager will contact you for the final approval before the approved tenant moves into your rental property.

We will also maintain a schedule of inspections whilst your management property is rented to ensure everything is kept in tip-top shape.

In addition, we will keep an eye on rent payments to ensure your tenant stays up-to-date whilst living at your rental property.

And when the tenant leaves we will conduct a thorough inspection of your residential property to maintain both its appearance and your rental return on investment.

From the moment your tenant gives notice they intend to vacate your rental house or apartment we will advertise your property to let once more.

Selecting the right property manager for what may be one of your largest assets can be difficult. We hope this web site will help you learn about the property management service Prudential Real Estate currently provide for 3500 local property investors in Sydney’s south-west. You can read what our clients think of our service by clicking here.

Click here to receive a free copy of our booklet “The smart way to manage your investment property” when you request an up-to-date assessment of your rental property



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Protect Your Home Or Investment With Smoke Alarms

Installing smoke alarms in all residential properties is mandatory since 1 May 2006. By abiding by this law you will potentially prevent the loss of lives due to house fires. Discuss with your property manager what is required of you.

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Charge Water Rates and Save Money

Water is precious and if you have a rental property then you certainly don't want to be charged for someone elses usage, especially if it is excessive.  If anything you want to be making money from your investment, not losing it.  It is always best to charge for excess water usage or even charge a percentage so you are not losing money.

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Rental Property Locks and Responsibility

Landlords and tenants must follow certain rules when it comes to rental property locks and keys. These help to avoid issues and protect both parties.

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