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What does it cost to have Prudential Real Estate manage your property?

Traditionally agent's fees for property management services in NSW are charged as a percentage of the rent collected.


Since 1993 agent's fees have been deregulated which means agents can charge a competitive fee which reflects both the value and the range of their services.


As a result there are many cheap agents who provide very basic services. Prudential Real Estate Campbelltown is not the cheapest agent however we pride ourselves in delivering the best “value for money” service in the district.


We charge a percentage of the money we collect from your tenant in rent and water usage plus additional fees for finding a great tenant and extra services depending on your circumstances.  The percentage can vary from one client to another depending on the number of properties you would like us to manage and the range of services you would like us to undertake on your behalf.  As a consequence there is no "single" fee, but rather a range of fees depending on circumstances.  The best idea is to contact our senior Property Manager, Kerrie Meldrum, or our Business Development Manager, Nick Giles, to arrange a firm quote for the work you require.


Remember, our team members are all fully-trained, experienced professionals who maintain their proficiency with regular training and skill development programmes throughout the year. Their advice will help you maintain and grow the value of your investment over the medium to long-term. They will care for your property as if it were their own.