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Charge water rates and save money
Having a rental property as an investment can be tricky if you don't have professional help. There are many things involved in renting a premises. Water is one thing that can be a problem if you don't charge your tenants accordingly. If the water on the premises is used excessively, then it can lead to a big bill for you if you haven't charged your tenants water rates. If you have bought the property to make money then the last thing your need is a large bill for water.

The best example is the New South Wales Housing Department which charges tenants for water usage in accordance with the 1987 residential tenancies act. The tenants of the housing department pay an actual water charge or a percentage water charge. This is dependant on whether the water meter is an individual or shared meter and also is dependant on whether the water authority has provided housing with sufficient usage information. Since October, 2009, the department has charged a percentage based on the rent a tenant pays. The rate is around 4.3% of the rent payable. It can be an incentive for tenants to preserve water as much as possible and encourage them not to waste water. Water is certainly a precious commodity these days. A real estate agent can help you to decide what sort of charges should be put into place. Using a real estate agent to handle the rental premises for you can save you a lot of stress and hassle.

Having a property management Campbelltown team to handle all your rental premises is a great idea. It leaves you time to do other more important things. Property management teams can do background checks and also check up on references. In many cases, they can communicate with other property management firms to ensure that the tenant will pay the required rent on time and is in general going to look after the premises. They can handle the bond lodgement, collect rent Macarthur and make sure the place is properly maintained through regular inspections of the rental property. They generally have maintenance professionals that they use on a regular basis, so you know your property is in good hands.